Most of my students really enjoy recording the pieces that they've polished and worked on so hard to learn.   Through the magic of modern technology pianos can sound like beautiful pianos, or just about anything else.  As students grow in skill and knowledge, they are an active participant in not only playing their recorded pieces, but learning how to manage and explore what music technology can offer.  

"Joanne Diplock is a wonderful teacher — she is dedicated and committed to her students’ learning in a way students will remember for a long time. She’s upbeat and positive, perfect for students who might be a little shy at the piano. I highly recommend taking lessons with her.”

Suprova's Experience

Recording by Suprova (Former Student)

Video Projects

One of my pandemic projects was to learn to create videos from audio recordings.  This video was created for the MRMTA Musicthon held on YouTube this year.  I've loved exploring different elements of movie making and have challenged my students to do the same.  Now I'm teaching my students the same process and they've really shown the spectrum of their creative talents!

Avery's Video

Here are some fabulous student videos.

What you can create is only limited by your imagination!

For more videos, please visit my youtube channel "Joanne Diplock".

Enjoy watching!

Adrienne's Video

Marcella's Video

Here is Marcella's beautiful video creation Colors of the Wind.  It's wonderful to watch the children create and to learn from them in the process.

June 2021 YouTube Event

Usually we would be celebrating the close of the School Year with June Recital.  This year, however, with Covid restrictions still in place I am helping my students to create a YouTube video instead.  Here is my own contribution, launched on June 20, 2021 - Father's Day.  What's remarkable to me is that I was able to record myself playing along with a voice track my Father made almost 70 years ago.  I hope that you enjoy watching!  Joanne