Suzuki Music is a holistic approach that combines learning to play by ear with eventually learning to read traditional music notation.  Every child is accompanied by an adult coach, who will learn to guide and encourage daily practice at home.  Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1898 - 1998) based his music method on what he called the "mother tongue" approach, embracing exposure, repetition, and context as central components of music education.   Suzuki teachers are trained to teach from a multi sensorial perspective that also recognizes the importance of community.  Individual lessons are supplemented with occasional group classes as schedules allow.  Since young children learn simultaneously through all of their senses, the Suzuki approach works especially well and piano lessons can begin as early as 3 years of age.

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"Joanne's passion for music, teaching and children is in her every music lesson.  She is an exceptional Suzuki method piano teacher, who truly understands and carries this method of teaching music.  Joanne is creative, innovative and always finds an individual approach to teach to interests, abilities and focus of a student, while growing their appreciation for music".    Natasha (Suzuki Parent)

"Beautiful Music

Beautiful Heart"

Dr. Schinichi Suzuki