When permitted to gather, I hold 2 concerts per year, one mid-December and one mid-June.   These recitals are usually held at First Presbyterian Church.  Their beautiful sanctuary and grand piano make preforming extra special.  Students are encouraged to play, but it is not a requirement to perform or even attend.  Family and friends are very welcome to join us, and we enjoy snacks in the foyer following the concert.

With Covid restrictions, my recitals have taken place on Zoom.  One benefit is that family and friends from anywhere in the world can join us.  It's been so exciting when they have!


When safe to do so, performing at care facilities is also wonderful for both the performers and the residents.  


Participation in the Winnipeg Music Festival is another opportunity to perform.  There are classes for varying levels and genres if you wish to join. 

The MRMTA Musicthon is a fundraising event that is normally held over a weekend in mid-February sponsoring inner city Music Therapy for pre-schoolers.  Usually it is held at a mall or other public venue, Grant Park Mall being the most recent location.  This year, however, the Musicthon was a very successful YouTube event. Students performed and collected pledges as usual, then submitted videos for all to see, or even just a few family members if that was their choice.  Students really rose to this video challenge and we had a lot of fun creating!  The really incredible thing is that some of the videos I produced with my students were done online, with me at my home and the student at theirs.  

This is Teia's contribution, artwork and all.  Enjoy!