Traditional Piano Lessons

Traditional piano lessons can begin as young as 4 years of age and are held once weekly at my home studio.


Most students have one 30, 45 or 60 minute lesson per week depending upon their age and level of study.


There are many wonderful piano courses and I like to cater the materials according to the age, ability and interests of the student.  

Each student receives their own individual lesson which I love to supplement with a piano partner group activity (in non-covid times) that comes at no additional cost.  Group activities include duets or small ensemble playing, theory and music history lessons or mini performances from each student who is willing to share.  Usually group classes are held in between individual lessons. 

Some of my students choose to work towards playing a graded exam with either the Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada.  


Most Winnipeg high schools offer music credits for conservatory certificates level 5 and above, so this is an added incentive for teens.  


Exam options have become much more flexible in recent years and can include repertoire from a large variety of sources, including a choice for students to include an original composition.   Here I am playing Nancy Telfer's When Rivers Flowed on Mars, as an example of Level 5 repertoire.

Conservatory Exam Preparation

Heart Songs

Music that we feel and can relate to inspires us to practice and develops our musicality.  

Once most of my students become more familiar with the keyboard and music notes, I really encourage them to choose music that they enjoy and are excited to learn.



Testimonial by Melina  (Parent)


Joanne has been teaching my kids for 6 years. She has a patient, encouraging manner of teaching and is great at making things relevant and interesting to children.  Joanne has taken the time to find music that my kids are interested in playing and that has kept them engaged and motivated. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the instruction that my kids have received from Joanne.


Do I need a piano at home?
This is a question that I'm frequently asked by enquiring families.
It is advantageous to have some sort of keyboard at your home to practice on.
Some families want to invest in an acoustic piano at the start of lessons, but it's not necessary to make this choice right away.  Digital pianos are becoming better and better as technology evolves and can even be used for exam preparation.  Even a small keyboard is sufficient to start with.
Piano Give Away
Sometimes I hear of a free piano being given away by a generous soul who wants to pass on the joy of music.  
Please contact me if you're interested and I will let you know if there are currently any on offer.