Early Years Piano Lessons

Here I am with my brother, Dan.  My family owned a piano by the time I showed up and music was always a big part of our life.  The early exposure was integral to the development of my musicality.

Early years (ages 3-6) piano lessons are supported by my training in Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Suzuki Piano, Orff and traditional piano.

Beginning music lessons before the age of six internalizes basic musical skills such as rhythm and pitch.  A young child's developing brain is still sculpting it's pathways. With early exposure, any child can develop their inner musician.

Activities are usually quite varied in early years piano classes, including:


- working at the piano

- working with materials such as my piano mat shown below

- playing percussion instruments such as xylophones, bells and drums

- age appropriate theory and writing activities

- musical rhymes and stories 

- singing

There are several early years curriculums that I love to use.  My favourites are:

     - Suzuki Piano School

     - My First Piano Adventure For the Young Beginner by Nancy and Randall Faber

     - Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts 

Most families come for one 30 minute lesson every week that is supplemented with small group activities as schedules permit.


A conversation about which method would suit you and your child best is a good place to start.

IMG_0330 2.jpg
Sebastian having fun with one of the many quilts and other teaching tools that I've created to use with music students.

Free Music and Play Programs

The Little Miracles Music and Play program is a free program for young children, ages birth to six years old, who are accompanied by an adult caregiver.  We usually meet every Monday morning from about 9:30 to 11:15 A.M., with music class starting shortly after everyone arrives.  Music class is followed by snack, crafts and play.  The Little Miracles Music and Play  program is located in Winnipeg's north end.

Music and Play is a program modelled after the Little Miracles Music and Play program and is usually held in a central Winnipeg location every Wednesday morning during the school year.

Both programs are temporarily suspended due to Covid restrictions.  We hope to reconvene when it is safe to do so.

If you would like more information about either program, please contact me at joannediplock@icloud.com or call or text to 204-396-2633.